In My Crosshairs #2

In My Crosshairs

The second edition of In My Crosshairs, a.k.a. Things I Want! Two of the entries are related to my current Star Wars Miniatures addiction, and the other is a game I have looked forward to since its launch. The latter which has been out of stock since pretty much its launch day, and I continue to not-so-patiently wait!

Star Wars Themed Dice Tower

Tower 1

Normally I don’t cruise Etsy, but I love this Star Wars dice tower I found there by user ‘Trollmanufacturing’. For only $12.75, it is a great price and the product looks well made. The tower also breaks down for easy transportation. During games of X-Wing Miniatures (and more recently, Armada) stray dice rolls are always knocking over or bumping miniatures. With range and line-of-sight so important, even a small nudge can have a huge impact on the game. It would be nice to eliminate that by having a dice tower; better yet, a Star Wars themed dice tower!

Tower 2

Click here to visit Trollmanufacturing’s Etsy page.

Star Wars: Armada Wave 1

Armada Gladiator

With the recent launch of the Star Wars: Armada Core Set, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of Wave 1 arrives. The Core Set held two small Rebel ships and 1 medium Imperial ship; the Wave 1 expansions will include the small Imperial ship, the Gladiator, and a medium Rebel ship, the Assault Frigate. Also being released individually are the ships and squadrons from the Core Set, as well as new ‘old favorites’ squadrons for both sides!

Rebel Squadrons

Imperial Squadrons

Click here to watch my review of Star Wars: Armada and click here to visit the Armada page on Fantasy Flight’s webpage.

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

I think most people (who have played DoW) have argued that it is the best zombie survival board game in a very long time, if not all time. I, however, have yet to even make visual confirmation of it in person. I am beginning to think that everyone on YouTube is playing a huge joke on the rest of us. Dead of Winter has been out of stock since launch.

Dead of Winter 2

Dead of Winter has been near the top of my most anticipated games list for a very long time now, and I look forward to finally being able to play it… one day… maybe… I hope! To read more about Dead of Winter click here to go to the Plaid Hat Games website.

Photos are from Trollmanufacturing’s Etsy page, the Plaid Hat Games website, and Fantasy Flight Game’s website.

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