Zombies!!! Second Edition Directors Cut


image credit boardgamegeek.com

Recently, Matt gave me a gift card to our FLGS for my birthday. It was quite unexpected, so I decided I would treat myself to a game that I have wanted to try for a while now. You may not know this, but zombies are my favorite theme for games, regardless of how trendy/pop culture they are! Basically, if you paste a zombie theme on something I will at least try it. So with my newly acquired gift card I reached strait back into board game time and grabbed “Zombies!!!” by Twilight Creations Inc.
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Trove: The Crystal Caverns

Recently I have become obsessed with Android: Netrunner due to its asymmetrical game play. After Matt introduced me to it I thought it was amazingly refreshing to play a game with someone but have completely different tools and paths to victory. Immediately I began to wonder why more games don’t take this asymmetrical approach? Enter Trove: The Crystal Caverns!

Image from kickstarter.com

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Hive Pocket Edition In-Depth Review

This week my girlfriend and I are going out of town. Over the last few days I have been searching for a fun game for 2-players that would travel well, Enter HIVE POCKET EDITION!

I liked the game so much that I thought I should share it with everyone who visits the website! Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Stay On Target #005: Battle Damage Mod

StayOnTargetBannerI saw a photo of a TIE Fighter with battle damage on Boardgamegeek.com the other day. I immediately tried to find a good tutorial on how to do it and unfortunately I couldn’t really find what I was looking for, so I decided that I would just give it a shot! After I finished my first TIE I realized that this mod is an extremely easy look to achieve. I even made a little tutorial for those of you how are unsure about how challenging this mod will be. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Stay On Target #004: The Importance of Repainting Your X-Wing Minis


X-Wing is one of the best games I have ever played, partially because it’s so accessible to new players compared to other tabletop miniatures games. In most other miniature games you have to buy a lot more items, assemble them, and then paint them before your troops are playable or look good on the field. Fantasy Flight has done an excellent job producing beautiful, highly detailed models for their devoted players. And all you have to do is buy the model and play it! While I love this because it is so welcoming to newcomers, I have to admit, seeing all of the models look the same is kind of aesthetically boring. So, for me, it is important to add a little personalization to my ships!

I believe that when you spend the time painting your models you become more emotionally invested in the game. It makes your ships stand out in the crowd. It makes other players comment about how the look of your ships is so much better than the basic ship from the box, and that kind of recognition and validation helps to not only immerse me deeper into the game but also into the hobby aspect of the game. It makes me want to find other kinds of custom modifications to attempt on my ships. Then, all of the time I spend working on my ships makes me want to show them off, and there is no better way to do that than on the battlefield.

In the end though, all of the ships are beautiful the way they come. And I know that some people aren’t very comfortable making permanent changes to things they spend their hard earned money on, especially if they don’t consider themselves to be overly creative or artistic. But making some very basic changes can be very easy for a person with any level of painting/artistic skill. So, like I said, I love how accessible this game is to new comers, but once you’re in, I strongly suggest investing your time into the hobby aspect of the game because you won’t regret it.

Stay On Target – #003: Breaking the Meta


*Disclaimer: The following article is a reflection of my personal opinions about the state of the Metagame. I acknowledge the fact that I am not an expert on this game and make no claims to knowing more than anyone else on the subject. These are merely analyzed observations based on my personal perceptions of the game. Feel free to draw your own conclusions and to make remarks regarding the content in this article, I only ask that you do so respectfully to both myself, and other commenters should there be any. I offer no offense, and I apologize if any is given. Thank you!

I have been watching a lot of Battle Reports lately and I have to note that there are a great deal of Fat Han, RAC (Rear Admiral Chiraneau), and 58 Dash builds being played all around the world and winning consistently. Just take a look at the Regional Results compiled by MajorJuggler here. High damage large-based turret builds have characterized the Metagame. While turrets undermine the anticipation of the Planning and Activation Phases of the game, the worst part is most people aren’t even adding any new ideas to these lists. They are running them with the same pilots and the same upgrades that everyone else is. There is no innovation or creativity in the theory crafting. There is no assessment of the Meta or implementation of a new plan to challenge the current “strongest”. In my opinion, this is making the game stale.  Continue reading

Stay On Target – #002: How to Deal with Sliding Bases


Down at my local game store, my fellow X-Wing players are constantly complaining about knocking their ships around and sliding bases. If you are a frequent player of this game then you understand that the movement and precision positioning of your ships is of the highest level of importance. You also know that the smallest bump can disrupt your formation as well as allow a ship to move into position without collision or overlapping an obstacle granting an action that they my not have gotten otherwise; which can change the outcome of a fight if it happens during a crucial point in the game. After all, it’s hard to Stay On Target when your ship won’t stay put!
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Stay On Target – #001: The Rookie Pilot’s Guide to List Building


*Disclaimer: This article is intended for “Rookie Pilots” who are new to X-Wing Miniatures and not necessarily for seasoned veterans of the game. However if you are seasoned you are welcome to read on as you may or may not learn something anyways! Thank you for reading!

 X-Wing Miniatures is a game of interstellar dogfights set in the Star Wars universe! While the game is fairly simple in terms of the basic game mechanics, there is actually a lot of depth in the strategies employed by players. While you obviously have to have a strategy in the movement planning stages of the game, the strategy really begins in the list building aspect of X-Wing. Continue reading