Game Night Report #18

Game Night Report

I’ve actually had a little time to play some great games lately; trust me, no one is more surprised than me! To make up for a little lost time I’m including 4 games in this posting rather than the usual 2 or 3. All four of these games were a big hit with me and worthy of your time. Enjoy!

Small Star Empires

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Photo from

Archona Games was kind enough to send me a prototype copy of Small Star Empires to review and I recently had a chance to play it. In fact, I meant to play it only once at my FLGS’s board game night, but we enjoyed it so much that we played it twice! SSE is going to be launching on Kickstarter in just a few short weeks and I’ll post a link to the campaign when it does. I’ll also be shooting and uploading a video review of the game soon!

Trudi, Tim and I sat down to play SSE and instantly this eruo-style, space-themed game drew us in and we turned into cutthroat, scheming space barons, plotting against each other. We set up the modular board and began to expand our empires.

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Trove: The Crystal Caverns

Recently I have become obsessed with Android: Netrunner due to its asymmetrical game play. After Matt introduced me to it I thought it was amazingly refreshing to play a game with someone but have completely different tools and paths to victory. Immediately I began to wonder why more games don’t take this asymmetrical approach? Enter Trove: The Crystal Caverns!

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Battletech Kickstarter for new PC Game Announced


Developer Image

So this doesn’t fall squarely in the realm of Board Game news, however it does mark the return of a giant franchise to the PC strategy game arena. A lot of people are probably familiar with Battletech as it has been around for ages, and a staple in the wargaming community. While the tabletop version has been going strong for the last few years again, the PC arena has had some huge setbacks with licensing agreements and a few companies that couldn’t deliver (I’m looking at you Mechwarrior: Tactics…). Continue reading

Kickstarter Report #8

Kickstarter Report

As always I have cruised the avenue that is Kickstarter and have found some interesting looking campaigns for board games, card games and gaming accessories! Including are a board game with amazing artwork and some great looking custom dice! You can click on the titles for each entry or on the link at the bottom of each entry to visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page!

GemPacked Cards

GemPacked Cards

GemPacked Cards, by Eduardo Baraf, is a set collecting game with beautiful artwork that has the players (2-5) collecting the super cute “Geminos” and is based on the IOS game, GemPacked. The description from the Kickstarter Campaign page:

“The objective of GemPacked Cards is to be the player with the most victory points at the end of the game by leveling up and saving the Geminos. Mix and match their colors to gather as many as you can and load them up in their rocket ships to the stars. GemPacked Cards is a fun, lightweight family game great for kids and adults alike. Manage your hand, the board, and color combinations to get the most points. The key mechanics are set collection and trading.”

GemPacked Cards 2

Photo from the GemPacked Cards Kickstarter Campaign page.

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