Kickstarter Report #8

Kickstarter Report

As always I have cruised the avenue that is Kickstarter and have found some interesting looking campaigns for board games, card games and gaming accessories! Including are a board game with amazing artwork and some great looking custom dice! You can click on the titles for each entry or on the link at the bottom of each entry to visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page!

GemPacked Cards

GemPacked Cards

GemPacked Cards, by Eduardo Baraf, is a set collecting game with beautiful artwork that has the players (2-5) collecting the super cute “Geminos” and is based on the IOS game, GemPacked. The description from the Kickstarter Campaign page:

“The objective of GemPacked Cards is to be the player with the most victory points at the end of the game by leveling up and saving the Geminos. Mix and match their colors to gather as many as you can and load them up in their rocket ships to the stars. GemPacked Cards is a fun, lightweight family game great for kids and adults alike. Manage your hand, the board, and color combinations to get the most points. The key mechanics are set collection and trading.”

GemPacked Cards 2

Photo from the GemPacked Cards Kickstarter Campaign page.

The game is getting some really positive reviews and I am proud to say that I am already a backer for the campaign! There is also a print-and-play version of the game available so that potential backers can give it a test run. While I have not yet given the game a try, I look forward to doing so! Did I mention that the artwork is fantastic yet!?

GemPacked Cards 3

Photo from the GemPacked Cards Kickstarter Campaign page.

Click here to visit the GemPacked Cards Kickstarter Campaign page!


LittleCLUUs Custom Dice

LittleCLUU Dice 3

I am always on the lookout for unique, custom dice, and this Kickstarter Campaign certainly fits the bill! LittleCLUUs Dice feature small critters molded into the dice that add a lot of potential for customization and “dice-affection.” Is “dice-affection” a thing? I’m not sure but I think these dice might create it! Here’s a description of the dice from the Kickstarter page:

“All the dragons and critters are made of high quality polymer clay and each of the dice are cast in a jewelers grade epoxy resin. This not only gives very balanced dice but they are extremely durable! Plus all of the colors I create are mixed directly into the resin so theres no color fade! You will also have the option to have the numbers painted to any color of your choosing!”

LittleCLUU Dice 4

Photo from the LittleCLUUs Kickstarter Campaign page.

The campaign features options for glow-in-the-dark dice, metallic sheen dice and UV reactive dice! There are some exciting stretch goals and options for all of the dice fanatics out there! Check out the LittleCLUUs Kickstarter Campaign page here!

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