Search and Survive Articles

Two great websites, Board Game Buds and Board Game King, have written preview articles for Search and Survive. Click the images below to jump over to their websites and read these articles! Click here to visit the Search and Survive Kickstarter campaign!


Search and Survive Kickstarter Videos

The following are videos shot for the upcoming launch of Search and Survive on Kickstarter. The first is an example round of play, starting with the final player turn of the round and progressing to the Horde Phase. It shows how combat works, how player gain new cards, and how the Horde Phase is structured.…


‘Search and Survive’ Kickstarter Preview

The website has been short on content for the last few weeks because of my game, Search and Survive, which will be launching on Kickstarter very soon! If you’ve been following the progress of the game and are interested in getting a preview of the campaign, then click the link below! Search and Survive Kickstarter…

Search and Survive Screen

Search and Survive Introduction Video

This introduction video for Search and Survive shows off the artwork and introduces the game play mechanics, setup, and combat system. This cooperative, deck building game will be launching on Kickstarter in the Fall of 2016. For more information on the game and to follow the progress, click here to visit Unkindness Games.

QPC Featured

My Experience at QPC Games

Many moons ago I was searching for a printer/manufacturer to make my upcoming game, Search and Survive. I got in contact with upwards of 20 companies requesting capabilities and quotes; some were very acceptable and some were well beyond the reach of a would be indie game designer’s first game. Then my wonderful friends, Trudi…

Uunk Games Search Survive Featured

Search and Survive Final Artwork

Search and Survive is quickly approaching the announcement of its Kickstarter campaign. In preparation for that we are featuring some of the final artwork over on the Unkindness Games website. Click here to see several enlargeable images of the game in its final prototype form!

Search and Survive Featured

Search and Survive Artwork Collages

For those who have kept up with our first game, Search and Survive, here is a collection of artwork collages showing off some of the amazing artwork of Dirk Clingman! Dirk has been using all of his spare time for the past few months getting the artwork done for the game, and he is responsible…

Upcoming Game Artwork

When we started designing our game (previously under the working title of ‘The Remains’) we had a small budget. Sergio and I planned to do digitally altered photos for the artwork, even though we realized that that is rarely greeted warmly in the board game community. We posted a call out for photos of people…