Search and Survive Kickstarter Videos

The following are videos shot for the upcoming launch of Search and Survive on Kickstarter. The first is an example round of play, starting with the final player turn of the round and progressing to the Horde Phase. It shows how combat works, how player gain new cards, and how the Horde Phase is structured. By the way, Search and Survive is launching on Kickstarter on Wednesday, September 14th of 2016!


I also shot 2 Kickstarter introduction/overview videos for the campaign. I shot one at home and one at The Jester’s Court here in Grand Junction, CO. The one at The Jester’s Court was great but I used a DSLR with horrible sound quality. The video quality was amazing but the sound was terrible. I have decided to use them both, if for no other reason that to show how much work has gone into getting the game ready for its Kickstarter campaign!

Click here to visit the Search and Survive Kickstarter preview page!

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