‘Specters of Nevermore’ Available Now

Specters of Nevermore

Photo from smirkanddagger.com

I am a big fan of Nevermore and am excited to get my hands on the expansion, Specters of Nevermore. The artwork looks amazing and it doesn’t add so much content so at to change the game, which I appreciate in an expansion. Here’s a snippet from the Smirk & Dagger website:

“Specters of NEVERMORE is an expansion for our popular, casual card drafting game. It introduces 12 unique player characters based on the literary characters in Poe’s works, Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether, The Imp of the Perverse, Dupin, Lenore and more. Each offers cool abilities for players, one for their Human form and a second, should they be turned into Ravens. Characters are chosen in a draft allowing players to select a character best suited to their play style.”

Specters of Nevermore 2

Photo from smirkanddagger.com

This low price point expansion even comes with clay poker chips to replace the cardboard versions that came in the original! Click here to jump over to the Smirk & Dagger website and read more about this expansion!

3 thoughts on “‘Specters of Nevermore’ Available Now

  1. I’ve been interested in Nevermore for a while. I love the theme and even thought Take That is not my favorite, this game seems to handle it in a way I can get behind. It’s also good to see it getting support from the company. I may have to try it out soon!

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    • I’m usually not a fan of games that are heavy in ‘take that’ either, but with Nevermore being a quick card game it doesn’t bother me. There’s something about having a character/tableau you’ve developed and having someone mess with it that irks me. It doesn’t bother me in Nevermore because the rounds are so fast. I guess it makes it easier not to get butt hurt. 🙂

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