Board Game Giveaway #3

Nevermore Smirk and Dagger

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The 3rd Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway has arrived, and this time it’s Nevermore by Smirk & Dagger! Click here to read more about Nevermore on the Board Game Geek website. Click the ‘Follow’ button on the right side of your screen to be alerted to new FDR articles and reviews, as well as future Board Game Giveaways! If you don’t win this one, don’t sweat it! We’re going to be giving away a lot more games! To read the full rules for the contest click here, and continue reading this post for additional ways to win this great drafting game!

The same rules as always apply, and as always, the rules are incredibly easy!

  1. ‘Like’ the Flaming Dice Reviews Facebook Page
  2. ‘Like’ the Giveaway Post on Facebook
  3. That’s it… Really. You’ll be entered into the drawing one time!

However, if you want extra chances to win a copy keep reading! Do the following and be entered into the drawing for each of the following that you perform for a total of 3 entries!

  1. Share the Nevermore Giveaway Post on Facebook.
  2. Comment on the Nevermore Giveaway Post on Facebook. A simple “This game looks fun!” or “I love board games!” will do.

Stretch Goals!!!

  1. If the post reaches 150 ‘Likes’ we’ll add another copy of the game to be given away!
  2. If the post gets ‘Shared’ 100 times we’ll add another copy of the game to be given away!

1 copy of Nevermore will be given away no matter what, and it’s possible for 2 more copies to be given away as well! Help us give away 3 copies of Nevermore! This Giveaway will end on Friday, October 9th 2015!

One More Thing!!!

If you like us giving away free games then show your support by clicking this link; FDR on Board Game Links. No sign up. No login. No personal details to be entered, not even your email address. Just click the heart icon to give us a vote! The link will open in a new window and will take you right to the button. If you’re a fast clicker and your internet is faster than dialup it will take 5 seconds! We sure would appreciate it! Good luck in the Giveaway!

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