Board Game Giveaway #7 – Sneaky Cards

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If you’re not familiar with Sneaky Cards here’s a brief introduction. It’s less of a game and more of crazy, super interactive scavenger hunt. The owner of Sneaky Cards has access to a deck of 54 cards, each with a different task. Unlike most games where owners do their best to NOT lose components, Sneaky Cards is designed to be given away piece by piece.

Sneaky Cards 3

Card #19 in the Sneaky Cards deck. This one is simply left somewhere to be easily found by someone else!

Each deck is identified by a unique serial number, in these photo it is deck B-******-19. The identifier has been blacked out (in red) so as not to skew the final results. What results, you ask? Well in Sneaky Cards, as people track the cards they find/have been given, the information on is updated and everyone can track the cards’ progress all over the world. The decks to be given away are registered to Flaming Dice Reviews, but anyone who gets these cards can track their progress. It’s a fun way to share our hobby! Keep reading for details on the giveaway and how to enter!

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FDR Board Game Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

Click the picture to see a bigger version

Coming in December is the biggest Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway of the year! We’re going to be giving away 10 games at the same time! All 10 will be posted on the FDR Facebook page, and everyone can enter as many as they are interested in! The games are already in hand (the 9 pictured above plus a surprise game) and the giveaway will begin on December 1st. We tried to make this giveaway appeal to a wide variety of board gamers, including those with children. We can’t wait to give away some more games! Happy Holidays!

***EDIT*** Alright so, giving away 10 board games and accessories was a little weak when it’s a Christmas giveaway, so we have decided to up it to 12! That seems a little more fitting for the Holidays to me. My absolutely amazing FLGS, The Jester’s Court, had a Black Friday sale so the other 3 giveaway items have been determined. It will be the card game Red 7, a beautiful and unique set of dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%,D12, D20), and a red Ultra Pro deck box! So add those three items to those pictured above to make a full set of 12!

Board Game Giveaway #5

7 Wonders: Duel

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Photo from

The next FDR Board Game Giveaway begins now! This time it’s 7 Wonders: Duel, a standalone, 2 player variant of the classic drafting game, 7 Wonders by Repo Production! I recently played the game in the last Game Night Report and will be doing a review on the game soon! Click here to read the full rules for entering the Giveaway and keep reading to learn more about this giveaway!

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Board Game Giveaway Winners (Rory’s Story Cubes)

Giveaway Winner

Nuno from Portugal got his copy!

The winners of the Rory’s Story Cubes Board Game Giveaway have both sent me photos of their games! In the future be sure to check out the Board Game Giveaway poll here on the Flaming Dice Reviews website. There is no sign up or login required, just click on the game you’d like to see given away and your vote will be counted!

David from the UK got his too!

David from the UK got his too!

The more traffic we get the more Giveaways we will be doing and the more copies of each we’ll give away! If you want to do your part then ‘Like’ the FDR Facebook Page (link on the right side of this page near the top) and vote us up on Board Game Links (on the right below the Facebook Page link and also doesn’t require any sign up or login, just click the Heart icon once you reach the site). Thank you to those who have already taken part in the Giveaways, and for those who are new to them, welcome! We’ll be giving away a LOT more games in the future so watch out for more soon!

The Next FDR Board Game Giveaway?

Place your vote for the next Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway! Just click an option below and see your vote cast!

Board Game Giveaway #3

Nevermore Smirk and Dagger

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The 3rd Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway has arrived, and this time it’s Nevermore by Smirk & Dagger! Click here to read more about Nevermore on the Board Game Geek website. Click the ‘Follow’ button on the right side of your screen to be alerted to new FDR articles and reviews, as well as future Board Game Giveaways! If you don’t win this one, don’t sweat it! We’re going to be giving away a lot more games! To read the full rules for the contest click here, and continue reading this post for additional ways to win this great drafting game!
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The Next Board Game Giveaway Coming Soon!

Next Giveaway

The next Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway is coming soon! We’ve given away 2 copies of Rory’s Story Cubes and 3 copies of Sushi Go! The next game to be given away will be Nevermore by Smirk & Dagger Games! Nevermore is a card drafting game that lets players compete by playing cards of 5 different suits; Attack lets you directly damage other players, Healing lets you heal yourself, Radiance lets you gather Light Magick cards to be used to give you an advantage, Victory lets you gain victory points and get one step closer to winning, and Ravens… Ravens are a force of chaos in Nevermore. Too few Raven cards in your hand and they will hurt your chances of victory, but if you get enough they are very powerful and allow you to access Shadow Magick cards which can hurt your foes and give you a distinct advantage. The best part about Nevermore is that even if a player is killed in battle, or falls by the dark arts, they are not eliminated but are reborn as ravens themselves to cause chaos and sow discord among the yet human players! Follow the FDR Facebook page for the announcement of the Nevermore Board Game Giveaway! When the Giveaway is announced ‘Like’ the post and ‘Like’ the Flaming Dice Reviews Facebook Page! Click here to go to the Flaming Dice Reviews Facebook page, and click here to read the ludicrously simple rules for entering!

Board Game Giveaway #2

Rory’s Story Cubes Giveaway

Rorys Story Cubes Giveaway

It’s time for the 2nd FDR Board Game Giveaway! Two copies of Rory’s Story Cubes will be given away this time! We’ve changed the rules a little… in the participants’ favor! We’ve decided to allow winners to be not only from mainland U.S., but from anywhere in the world! Did I mention that we’re going to be giving away 2 copies? One will be picked at random, like the winners of the 1st giveaway, but the 2nd winner will be chosen in another manner!

For the second FDR Board Game Giveaway we are asking that all who are interested in another possibility of winning a copy post a cool/funny/touching board game related story in the comment section on the Facebook post. It doesn’t have to be a long comment, in fact, short and sweet would probably work best. The winner of the second copy will be decided by the number of ‘Likes’ the comment/story has!

All ‘Likes’ will be counted, even those from authors of this site! We enjoy a good board game story as much as anybody! Just keep in mind that the winner cannot be someone we know outside of the internet! That, of course, doesn’t mean that our friends can’t share a good story still!

This Giveaway ends on Monday, September 28th. The full Rules section can be found by clicking here! To enter the contest visit the FDR Facebook page by clicking here!

Board Game Giveaway #1

Sushi Go! Giveaway

Sushi Go Giveaway

Let’s get the party started! We want to spread the word about Flaming Dice Reviews in preparation for exciting news to follow in the coming months! In order to thank followers of the site we want to give away some board games and share our beloved hobby! The fantastic card drafting game, Sushi Go! is the first to be given away! Read the rules by clicking here, and go to Facebook to enter by clicking here!

All you have to do to enter is ‘Like’ the Flaming Dice Reviews page and ‘Like’ the individual game post to be automatically entered! We’ll contact you via Facebook and take care of the rest!

Good luck!

Results – The winners of the very first Board Game Giveaway have been contacted via Facebook! Their games will be in the mail as soon as I receive their mailing addresses!

FDR Board Game Giveaway!

Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway

FDR Game Giveaway

Photos from

Over the coming weeks Flaming Dice Reviews will be giving away some of the most popular board and card games to followers! All of the games from this giveaway are games that should be included on any gamer’s shelf, and will be purchased from my local game store! Here at Flaming Dice Reviews we are firm believers in the merits of board games, and we seek to share our hobby with others by giving some (hopefully a lot) away! What do you have to do to get yourself one of these games? Click below to read the ridiculously easy (and I do mean RIDICULOUSLY easy) rules!

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