FDR Board Game Giveaway!

Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway

FDR Game Giveaway

Photos from boardgamegeek.com

Over the coming weeks Flaming Dice Reviews will be giving away some of the most popular board and card games to followers! All of the games from this giveaway are games that should be included on any gamer’s shelf, and will be purchased from my local game store! Here at Flaming Dice Reviews we are firm believers in the merits of board games, and we seek to share our hobby with others by giving some (hopefully a lot) away! What do you have to do to get yourself one of these games? Click below to read the ridiculously easy (and I do mean RIDICULOUSLY easy) rules!

The game to be given away during each “contest” will be listed and the winner will be chosen from among the participants. But what do you have to do to win these games? Sign up for something with a lot of your personal details? Write an essay? Build a diorama? No no no, it’s much easier than that!

We want to get the word out that Flaming Dice Reviews is a great website for board game news, articles and game reviews! All you have to do is ‘Like’ Flaming Dice Reviews on Facebook, as well as ‘Like’ the individual FDR Game Giveaway post to be entered into the random drawing. Once the winner receives his/her game, we ask that they post a picture of themselves with their game to their wall and let others know where they got it! That’s it! Really! Click the ‘Follow’ button on the main page of the website (no signup and no personal details, just click the button) to be alerted when a new game is up for grabs!

The Official Rules

  1. You must not know any writer for Flaming Dice Reviews outside of the internet. We would not be accused of faking the results. Sorry!
  2. You must live inside of the continental U.S. This is nothing against those outside of this area, but lower shipping costs will allow us to give away more games. It goes without saying that we will cover the cost of shipping the game as well.
  3. A single person may win only one time. This gives as many people as possible a chance to win a game!
  4. ‘Like’ the Flaming Dice Reviews page on Facebook. The direct link is on the main page of this website.
  5. ‘Like’ the individual FDR Game Giveaway posts on Facebook. This lets us know which games you’re interested in! If you already own the game we ask that you leave it for others to attempt to win.
  6. Wait for the comment on the individual FDR Game Giveaway post that names the winner!

The winner will be announced on the post and will also be contacted via a Facebook message. Upon receipt of a name and mailing address via said return message, the game will be shipped out! No personal information will be saved or shared in any manner.

Good luck, and enter as many times as you like!

Matt S.

3 thoughts on “FDR Board Game Giveaway!

  1. Sadly I’m living in Europe but that’s what it is. The good thing is that I’ve been `Liking` the Flaming Dice page for a while now, regardless of the giveaway…🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks David! If it is successful then we might look at expanding it so that we can ship worldwide. And thanks for the Likes, it means a lot to us! You rock, man!


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