Board Game Giveaway #4

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The 4th Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway starts now! The vote is in and this Giveaway is the wonderful deck building game, Star Realms, by White Wizard Games! This Giveaway ends on Monday, October 26th. Click to read the full rules for entry (they’re really easy but they have changed just a little).

A stated, the rules for entry are really easy but they have changed just a tiny bit in order to comply with Facebook’s rules. Every participant in the Star Realms Board Game Giveaway will be entered a total of once for doing ALL of the following:

  1. Like the Flaming Dice Reviews Facebook Page. Click here to go there (opens in a new window).
  2. Like the Star Realms Giveaway post.
  3. Comment on the post. A simple “Hope I win!” or “I love board games!” will do just fine.

Previously we had done extra entries for sharing the post, but I was informed that that was against the Facebook rules, so we’ve nixed that in compliance. So, instead of extra entries we’re going to try and give away more copies of the game! Just like last time, the more Likes that the post gets the more copies will be given away. The number of Likes and the number of games to be given away are as follows with 1 copy being automatic:

50 Likes – 2 copies of Star Realms will be given away
100 Likes – 3 copies
150 Likes – 4 copies
…and so on! If we reach 300 Likes we might even get crazy and add some bonus copies to be given away!

The winner will be chosen completely at random. Click here to see the official Board Game Giveaway Rules!

One More Thing!

If you enjoy these Giveaways do us a big favor and vote us up on Board Game Links. There is no sign up, log in or personal information or email required; just click the heart icon. It’s that easy and takes only a few seconds. Click here to open the FDR page on Board Game Links in a new window! We sure do appreciate it!

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