Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars Destiny

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I was aware of the upcoming Star Wars dice game by Fantasy Flight Games, but a recent conversation with my friend, Trudi, got me more interested in it. Destiny is a dice game where cards represent characters and equipment from the Star Wars universe, and some of these cards carry with them custom dice.

Star Wars Destiny 2

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Game play reminds me of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, in that players alternate taking actions instead of taking entire turns. Also similar is the focus on custom dice; in Destiny players use them to make attacks, gather resources, and manipulate their hand of cards. I watched a demo of the game today and was very impressed. Here’s the video for those interested:

The game will include starter sets and boosters that include both new cards and their accompanying dice (die might be more appropriate since each booster includes 5 cards and 1 custom die). It’s going to be D&D Dicemasters all over again for my wallet! Click here to jump over to Fantasy Flight to learn more about this awesome looking game!

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