Kickstarter Preview – Small Star Empires

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Just a reminder that Small Star Empires is launching today! I’ll update this post with a direct link to the Kickstarter Campaign page, but this link will do as well; click here to jump over to the Archona Games website where there will be a direct link in the meantime. I recently reviewed this great little strategy game so here’s the video in case you missed it.

*****The Small Star Empires Kickstarter Campaign has launched! Click here to check it out!

Small Star Empires Review

Small Star Empires is going to be launching on Kickstarter on March 12th, 2016. Visit the Archona Games website for more information!

Game Night Report #18

Game Night Report

I’ve actually had a little time to play some great games lately; trust me, no one is more surprised than me! To make up for a little lost time I’m including 4 games in this posting rather than the usual 2 or 3. All four of these games were a big hit with me and worthy of your time. Enjoy!

Small Star Empires

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Archona Games was kind enough to send me a prototype copy of Small Star Empires to review and I recently had a chance to play it. In fact, I meant to play it only once at my FLGS’s board game night, but we enjoyed it so much that we played it twice! SSE is going to be launching on Kickstarter in just a few short weeks and I’ll post a link to the campaign when it does. I’ll also be shooting and uploading a video review of the game soon!

Trudi, Tim and I sat down to play SSE and instantly this eruo-style, space-themed game drew us in and we turned into cutthroat, scheming space barons, plotting against each other. We set up the modular board and began to expand our empires.

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