Zombicide: Black Plague Available Now

Photo from cmon.com/zc-bp/

Photo from cmon.com/zc-bp/

In case you haven’t heard (but who are we kidding, you have) Black Plague, the medieval fantasy-themed Zombicide game, is out now! It’s been mentioned in various articles and posts on this website in the past, but now it’s up for grabs. It was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of last year and of all time. I for one and very much looking forward to broadsword slashing and spell casting my way through the newest edition of Zombicide! From the Cool Mini or Not website:

“Zombicide: Black Plague is a standalone cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players that brings the relentless zombie-killing action of Zombicide into a brand new fantasy setting! Players control a party of survivors as they fight to rid the land of an invasion of zombies controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, learn spells, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experience they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies rise to face them!”

Click here to jump over to Cool Mini or Not’s website and learn more about the game!

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