Awesome DIY Gaming Table

This video by Youtube user, Gaminggeek, made the rounds on the internet a while back but I just got around to watching it. It is an inspiring video, because even if you do not want/need the nested layer like it has, it shows how simple the construction can be with only basic tools that a lot of us have access to. It’s a long video but super interesting, and the gaming imagination runs wild when you watch it!

4 thoughts on “Awesome DIY Gaming Table

    • Yeah, that guy makes it look easy! I’m kinda feeling the need to hop out in the garage and make one even though I do 95% of my gaming out of the house. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I’m actually in the process of building this very table on my own right now! I’m just adding in a bit of a frame to the dice/pencil holders, then I’ll be sanding and staining. Just FYI for those reading this: It really isn’t hard at all to put this together. The pricing guide he posted on BGG is reasonably accurate. I’ve also bought the miter saw and all the tools and I’m well on track to building this tale for under $200 of materials as I needed extra wood and boxes of nails and screws) and around $250 worth of tools.

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    • That’s good to know that the prices he quoted are accurate. I’d love to see the final result when you’re done!


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