Kickstarter Report #7: X-Wing Edition

Kickstarter Report

With the success of Sergio’s popular Stay on Target, I decided to do a special Kickstarter Report on Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game accessories currently on Kickstarter! Links to the respective Kickstarter campaign pages are available by clicking the titles of each entry or the links at the bottom of entry. Enjoy and stay on target!

Askrias Cube – Game Aid Dice

Askrias Cube

The Askrias Cube is a great looking game aid that comes with the dice cubes themselves, the tiles that form the 6 sides and stickers to customize your cubes! From the campaign page:

“Basically, the Askrias Cube is a plastic die frame that has slots on all 6 sides. Then the user will be able to insert tiles onto the different sides – therefore creating their own die for whatever uses they have in mind. What’s better is that – the cube act as a normal die as well, you can roll it, shake it, toss it and the tiles will not fall out. However with a simple tug with your nails, the tile can be changed without much hassle.”

Askrias Cube 2

I’ve featured a customizable game cube device on this website before, but I like this design due to the fact that one doesn’t have to lock in actual game tokens; instead, stickers printed for different games including X-Wing, Magic: the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons are available! Here’s a look at the pledge system:

“To make this a simple project – basically the pledge system will be that you will get a set of 2 frame + 20 tiles + 40 stickers of your theme for the base pledge.

Additional Frame / Tiles / Stickers can be added on via Add-ons, with no extra Charge!

Simply just add the add-ons you would want onto your pledge – easy as that!

  • Extra Set: $12 – Come with 2 frames + 20 tiles + a sticker theme
  • Extra Frame: $3 – Comes with 1 Cube frame of your choice
  • Extra Tiles: $4 – Comes with 20 blank tiles
  • Extra Theme: $3 – Choose a theme (Comes with 40 stickers)”

Askrias Cube 3

Visit the Askrias Cube Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here!

ProMatz – Industrial Grade Gaming Mats


I love game mats, but it can be hard to find a good-looking,durable, unique one, especially for sci-fi games! Here’s the description from the ProMatz Kickstarter campaign page:

“The worlds first customizable industrial grade game mat for boardgames, card games, and tabletop miniatures.

Our ProMatz™ are a revolutionary felt-like, rubber backed roll up game mat for serious tabletop gaming performance. Our ProMatz™ gaming mat will transform any table into an enriched gaming experience.

ProMatz™ are firm and lay flat and flexible enough to roll up for storage. The surface is smooth to the touch, while the back side has a non-slip rubber backing that grips your table surface. Whether you are playing boardgames or tabletop miniatures these mats are industrial grade tabletop armor for the ultimate gaming experience.”


The campaign page shows off a surprising number of options for their product, and they look fantastic! There are multiple sci-fi/space themes, tabletop war gaming themes, and even original artwork designs. They are definitely worth taking a look at!


Visit the ProMatz Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here!

Tournament & Transport Solution for X-Wing


This is a very cool looking transport and organizational system for three different games, including Star Wars: X-wing. The campaign also features multiple options for templates and tokens. Here’s the description from the page:

When at a tournament or playing a game of X-Wing or Star Trek / D&D Attack Wing with friends, we all know what happens when people use the slippery plastic trays from fast food restaurants. 

We created a solution for this, our Tournament Tray.

In addition, we also created the modular Transport Solution, incorporating the Tournament Tray into a system with which you can easily carry all your space ships, tokens, cards, maneuver wheels and everything else to the game venue safely and in style. Everything is organized and quick to set up. Be ready and relax while the others still pick up their pieces from the floor.”


“We also have acrylic movement templates and lots of different tokens compatible with X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing and D&D Attack Wing.

All items are precision-laser cut.”


Visit the X-Wing Tournament and Transport System Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here!

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