Kickstarter Preview – Old World Leather Mats


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We’ve featured a lot of metal dice on this site, but never any accessories for metal dice. Why do metal dice need accessories, you might ask? Because they will gouge, dent, and ding any surface you roll them on, of course! If you’ve ever owned metal dice you know that simply holding and admiring them is much safer than actually rolling them. Old World just might change that!


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Old World’s Leather Gaming Mats has smashed its (albeit very low) funding goal on Kickstarter. In the campaign there are different sized gaming mats, dice bags, and even some copper dice if you find yourself wanting for metal dice to use on your new mat. From the campaign page:

“As a creator of multiple campaigns of metal dice, we understand the frustration this, “brings to the table”, literally! To help battle this problem, we have designed a durable Premium Leather Dice Mat. These mats are constructed out of very thick, Full Grain Leather and are made to absorb the damaging impact that metal dice can have on surfaces. Unlike a rolling tray, these are not designed to contain the dice, and will not effect the outcomes of your rolls. They are made to create a designated pad for the impact of the dice.”


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Click here to jump over to the Old World Kickstarter Campaign Page!

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