Flick em’ Up! Plastic Version

Flick Em Up Box

Photo from zmangames.com

Are you a fan of Flick em’ Up! by Pretzel Games? Have you always wanted to try it but were detoured by the steep price tag of the original, wooden version? There’s good news! The Plastic Version of Flick em’ Up is available now! Whereas the wooden version retails for $70.00, the new, Plastic Version will cost only $35.00. This version is not only far more affordable, but also much easier to transport due to a lighter weight.

Flick em’ Up! is a dexterity game where 2 teams flick discs, which serve as bullets, at their opponents in an attempt to complete objectives set forth by the chosen scenario. It’s a Wild West shootout with 1 team playing the lawmen and the other playing the Cooper Clan. If you’re unfamiliar with the game here’s a video by Pretzel Games explaining how to play:

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