The FDR Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Has Begun!

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Banner

The Flaming Dice Reviews Stocking Stuffer Board Game Giveaway has now begun! There are 12 individual Facebook posts on the FDR Facebook Page, each featuring 1 of 12 different board games, card games and gaming accessories! Anyone can enter as many of the giveaways as they like! To enter simply do all of the following 3 things:

  • Like the Flaming Dice Reviews Facebook Page
  • Like the individual Facebook Post(s) that you want to enter
  • Comment on the individual Facebook Post(s) that you want to enter…

That’s it! The winners will be drawn randomly when the Giveaways end and will be contacted for their shipping address! Click here to read additional details and the full rules for entering the contests!

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Enjoy these giveaways? Click here to vote FDR up on Board Game Links! It’s quick and super easy! No sign up, no personal information, no spam, nothing. Just click the link or the image and then click the ‘heart’ icon once you’re there; the link will take you right to it. 10 seconds tops, and it opens in a new window! We sure do appreciate it!



In order to make it easier to find the games you might be interested in for this giveaway we’ve added a list of all 12 Giveaways. Keep reading to see all 12!

  1. 8-Bit Mafia/Werewolf –  A small, portable version of the hidden role game in pixelated format. Features Werewolf AND Mafia, the game that spawned the format made popular by Werewolf. In Mafia the Villagers and Werewolves are replaced by Civilians and Mafia members.
  2. Appletters – A tile-laying game suitable for playing with kids. Players build a worm by putting news words at the beginning and end of the “worm”. Comes in a handy-dandy, zipping carrying case too!
  3. Giant D20 – Not much else to say! Roll for checks with gusto!
  4. Coup – Hidden role game where players have two identities, but are they telling the truth about which two they have? A classic in the bluffing game genre!
  5. Red 7 – Small, portable, colorful card game that plays in just a few minutes. The highest card wins… wait, it can’t be that simple…
  6. Ultra Pro Deck Box – A red Ultra Pro deck box capable of holding 180 sleeved cards. One can never have too many deck boxes!
  7. Chessex Polyhedral Dice Set – A green/yellow set of dice including all of the standard RPG dice!
  8. Murder of Crows – A card game where players try and spell the word ‘murder’ with their cards. Once completed the cards will tell a murderous tale! View the FDR review of Murder of Crows by clicking here.
  9. Animal Upon Animal – A children’s dexterity game about stacking animals!
  10. Batman Love Letter – A Batman-themed version of the modern classic, Love Letter!
  11. Chessex 36 Dice Set – A set of 36 purple/pink D6 dice by Chessex! That’s a bunch of dice!
  12. Sushi Go! – A front-runner in the drafting game genre! Build a delicious and beautiful array of sushi favorites to score the most points! Click here to watch the FDR review of Sushi Go!

Visit the FDR Facebook Page to find all 12 of the giveaways listed above!

5 thoughts on “The FDR Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Has Begun!

  1. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! I’ve definitely shared it with others and voted you guys up on Board Game Links!

    When does the contest close?


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  3. Do it! There’s still plenty of time to enter! Just Like the FDR Facebook Page, then Like and Comment on any of the giveaways you want to enter. Easy peasy!


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