Kickstarter Preview – Elemental Mystics

Elemental Mystics

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Elemental Mystics is an expandable card game with a mythological/fantasy theme currently on Kickstarter. The campaign’s “how to play” video shows some really unique twists on the traditional 2 player card games that have been prevalent in the past. I should think that players who enjoyed Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn would find this game interesting as well. From the Elemental Mystics Kickstarter Campaign:

“Enter a fantasy world where monsters battle for control over sea, land and sky. Players fight against monsters and each other in order to claim the coveted title of victor and determine once and for all, who is the best strategist amongst them. Elemental Mystics is full of twists, turns and abilities that will always leave you on the edge of your seat.”

Elemental Mystics 3

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“There are 2 ways to play: the streamlined Classic version and the longer (and more challenging) Tournament rules. You will need to choose between 2 deck types (the Light and the Shadow Deck) and build you deck strategically to combat anything your opponent may throw towards you in battle.”

In Elemental Mystics there are different battlefield zones so what you have on the board isn’t the only factor, it’s also where you have it. The funding goal for this game is pretty high and the intro video doesn’t tell you much about the game, if anything. If you’re interested watch the “how to play” video further down the campaign page.

Click here to jump over to the Elemental Mystics Kickstarter Campaign!

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