Custom Star Wars: Armada Ships!


DA’s Armada Shipyards Image

In my daily perusing of the internet I stumbled upon a really cool little website that has custom made ship cards and inserts for your existing Armada bases. There are also links on most pages to a Shapeways store where you can buy a custom 3D printed model of the ships! You are able to print all kinds of additional capital ships and squadrons to expand your Armada games from early Republic Designs (such as the Acclamator II), to later Imperial and Rebellion ships. The designer also creates custom title and commander cards, adding unique abilities to the ships that add to the depth of these new additions. You are able to print off all of the cards, titles, commanders and base inserts for free, and the only things you need to buy are the 3D printed models if you wish. These are definitely worth checking out for anyone that is looking to add a bit more diversity to their Star Wars: Armada games!

Check it out here! DA’s Armada Shipyards.

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