Game Night Report #12

Game Night Report

Too many games to play and not enough time! Most waking hours are spent feverishly working on our own game (currently entering public playtesting) and far too little time has been spent with all of the other fantastic board games in the world! Still, we manage to get in a few here and there!


tokaido fun forge

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The wonderful, zen-filled game Tokaido lets players recreate the journey from Kyoto to Edo along the eastern coast of Japan! Players take on the roles of unique travelers, each with their own talents; one might play the artist, the merchant or even the geisha! Tokaido is one of the most relaxing games I have ever played. Winning is not so much the priority as enjoying the journey, just the the trek that those centuries ago took on this storied road.

During the last playthrough of Tokaido I was joined by Sergio and one of his Sergio’s friends, Clay. I played Umegae the Street Entertainer who gets coins and victory points when she encounters characters along the road, represented by one of the spots along the journey.

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The game is fast-paced and maintains a deep strategy despite the lack of stress (good or bad) that is inherent in most strategic games. Since it was Sergio’s and Clay’s first time playing we opted to not include the Crossroads expansion.

Outcome – I won, DESPITE the fact that I was the only one at the table who had ever played the game before! Yes, EVEN in spite of that fact, I was victorious!

Star Wars: Armada

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At Shon’s house I brought my Rebel fleet to bear against the full might of the Imperial Armada! Shon controlled 2 Victory-class Star Destroyers and a Gladiator with a ton of fighters to protect them. I fielded 2 Nebulon-Bs, a CR90 Corvette and a Rebel Assault Frigate with only a handful of fighters. Only my Assault Frigate visually appeared to stand a chance against the massive force that was Shon’s fleet.

My Nebulons went wide at speed 3 in an attempt to spread out Shon’s fleet. My Cr90 followed one of the Nebulons to the left and my Assault Friagte barreled down the middle escorted by the fighters. My plan worked perfectly… if by perfectly I mean I got my face stomped.

My divided forces pecked at the Star Destroyers but were unable to do any significant damage. The Nebulons cleared a few of Shon’s fighters but mine were absolutely shredded. The Assault Frigate, faced with the bulk of Shon’s fighters and the might of his capital ships, was torn to bits.

Outcome – I got trounced…

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