Kickstarter Preview – Twisted

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Twisted is a Steampunk miniatures game currently on Kickstarter. The game is set at a 32mm scale and the models look fantastic! From the campaign:

“Set in an uniquely interesting steampunk universe, Twisted’s absorbing gameplay and linked story-driven missions create a real emotional connection between you and your characters on the tabletop. Every character has an original backstory and distinctive role within the Twisted universe: guiding them through our richly-developed environments and exciting encounters will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more!”

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“But beware the power of the Engine! The ever-present influence of the mysterious steampunk Engine pervades the world of Twisted. What makes playing Twisted excitingly unique is that the Engine itself brings a new and intriguing element to every encounter: the Eye of the Engine card deck and the unique ‘Favour of the Engine’ game mechanic give the Engine an active role in the actual gameplay.”

Click here to jump over to the Twisted Kickstarter Campaign page! It’ll even open in a new window like magic!

Kickstarter Preview


Photo from the Pandemonium Kickstarter page

Photo from the Pandemonium Kickstarter page

Pandemonium is a horror-themed, cooperative, survival game featuring some amazing miniatures, a ton of cards and modular boards. The game just launched on Kickstarter and it looks amazing! Click to read more and head over to the Pandemonium Kickstarter Campaign page!
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Custom Star Wars: Armada Ships!


DA’s Armada Shipyards Image

In my daily perusing of the internet I stumbled upon a really cool little website that has custom made ship cards and inserts for your existing Armada bases. There are also links on most pages to a Shapeways store where you can buy a custom 3D printed model of the ships! You are able to print all kinds of additional capital ships and squadrons to expand your Armada games from early Republic Designs (such as the Acclamator II), to later Imperial and Rebellion ships. The designer also creates custom title and commander cards, adding unique abilities to the ships that add to the depth of these new additions. You are able to print off all of the cards, titles, commanders and base inserts for free, and the only things you need to buy are the 3D printed models if you wish. These are definitely worth checking out for anyone that is looking to add a bit more diversity to their Star Wars: Armada games!

Check it out here! DA’s Armada Shipyards.

3-D Printed X-Wing Storage Solution!

So, in my perusing of Facebook today, I stumbled upon this neat little site that offers free plans for ship boxes that you can download and then print out on your 3-D printer.


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While I lack the funds for such a device, I know that if I had one or even access to one I would be giving these things a shot. They look very clean, and simple to make, and seem like they would fit well inside a lot of the Plano cases everyone likes to use to haul and store their minis. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a new and clean way to store your X-Wing ships!

Check them out by clicking here!

Stay on Target – #006: Force Friday!


So, as many of you know, this last Friday September 4th, was what marketers and geeks alike referred to as Force Friday. This day was the day Disney (our “beloved” Star Wars overlords), decided to launch a ton of new The Force Awakens merchandise in preparation for Episode VII. With this huge release of collectibles, they also released a new X-Wing Miniatures Core Set featuring new models of ships from the film.


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Kickstarter Report #5

Kickstarter Report

As always the board game community is alive and well on Kickstarter, and here are a few of the exciting campaigns there. Per the usual I have tried to to my best to choose games and game accessories from all walks of gaming and today’s offering ranges from miniatures to custom, wooden game boxes. Click on the title of each entry or the link at the end of the entries to visit the item’s specific Kickstarter Campaign page. Let’s get started!

The Adventure Case

Adventure Case

The Adventure Case by Dog Might Games not only looks stunning and like it would have fantastic applications, it also appeals to the woodworker in me. I could list the uses I could forsee (other than looking fantastic) or I could just post their own description; let’s do the latter:

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