In My Crosshairs #3

In My Crosshairs

There’s just so many things that I want, and well… here’s three more things that fall into that category! Fantasy Flight Games Edition! P.S. I’ve decided to just direct deposit 80% of my paycheck to FFG’s account.

Star Wars: X-Wing – Wave 7


The recent announcement of Wave 7 of the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game caused quite a buzz amongst my gamer friends. The TIE Punisher and K-Wing are armed to the teeth, and the Hound’s Tooth adds something completely new to the gamewhen the main ship is destroyed the pilot escapes into a Z-95 Headhunter.

I mean, come on! How awesome is that!? Also, there’s a 4th ship. Check them all out here.

Android: Netrunner Playmats


I know, I know! There is no shortage of playmats on the market these days, but these are gorgeous and official! I like all four, but I think I like ‘The Masque’ and ‘The Root’ (left top and left bottom in image above) the best.

No longer will I be forced to play Netrunner on a non-thematic playmat! That had been such a huge problem before and was the reason I lost so much. Yeah! THAT was the reason I lost so much! Check them out here.

The Last Banquet


You may or may not know that bluffing games are my absolute favorite. Sheriff of Nottingham, Werewolf, The Resistance; I love them all (especially The Resistance)! I have never heard much about The Last Banquet and have never had the opportunity to play it.

After stumbling across it again in A FFG catalog I started reading about it online and have decided that I’d really like to acquire and play it. It isn’t new like the other items on the list, but it’s still in my crosshairs! Check it out here.

***Fantasy Flight Games did not solicit this post in any way JUST in case anyone was wondering. I keep a list of things I see that I want that I check when I go to write the article. Of the 4 items on my list 3 were FFG items so I cut the 4th for now and made it all about Fantasy Flight***

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