Star Wars: Armada Ship Stats

With my review of Star Wars: Armada (finally) being posted yesterday, I got on with my next project. I wanted to make a no-frills stats template that would allow me to plug in all of the ships from Wave 1 easily. That way, I could save the images to my phone and have the ships’ available attack dice at each range and hull zone, shield rating per hull zone and other base stats at hand. Included here are the images I made for myself in case anyone else would like them. Feel free to download them, use them, share them, or post them on your own/another website.Click on the images to see them full sized, and open the article to see all 6 ships from the Star Wars: Armada Core Set!

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

Nebulon-B Support Refit

Victory I-class Star Destroyer

Victory II-class Star Destroyer

CR90 Corvette A

CR90 Corvette B

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