Kickstarter Report #6

Kickstarter Report

While the pickings have seemed to be a little slimmer for board games on Kickstarter since summer started, there’s still some great games and gaming accessories out there! I have found them, and as always, am posting them here. Click on the title for each entry or on the link at the end of each to visit the game’s Kickstarter page.

2016 Gaming Calendar

2016 Gaming Calendar

This campaign is a great accessory for any fan of board games! The games they chose are fantastic, and the photography is top notch! The campaign features a base, standard calendar with 12 excellent games, including Heroscape, Colt Express, Machi Koro and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. This base calendar includes all major holidays, including geek holidays according to the campaign page.

Another option is a custom calendar which allows the backer to choose their photos from those of the base calendar as well as many others such as Cthulhu Dice, Hive, Carcassonne and The Settlers of Catan. It also allows backers to add 4 custom dates as well.

2016 Gaming Calendar 2


The campaign has other goodies such as prints as well! Check out the 2016 Gaming Calendar’s by clicking here.


Gladiator: Quest for the Rudus

Gladiator Quest for the Rudis

A historically accurate game about training and fighting gladiators? Sounds good to me! From the campaign page;

Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis is a board & card game designed for 2 to 4 players. Moment to moment the contest requires tactical decisions of movement, positioning and the selection of your attack and defense, while important strategic options always loom, such as how much of your stamina to expend as you risk becoming fatigued.

The gladiatorial contests in the game offer a very detailed simulation of many aspects of the historical battles, but gameplay itself is not slow or tedious as a result. That is, despite an enormous historical fidelity, Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis plays quickly and easily like the best modern board games. This is due in large part to the innovative card-based game play. There are no dice, no books full of tables to consult, no other resource whatsoever to consult except for the cards themselves.”

Gladiator Quest for the Rudis 2

The game play appears to be highly customizable, and the Kickstarter campaign follows suit with several different options for starter sets. I like the idea of giving options while saving money, so this appeals to me. I have been fascinated by the historical aspect of gladiators since falling in love with the Spartacus: Blood and Sand television show years ago, and this campaign definitely piqued my interest!

Check out the Gladiator: Quest for the Rudus campaign page here.

Gomora: Down Town


I have to admit that I am not THAT big into the noir, detective theme, but this game drew me in simply for the photography! From the Gomora: Down Town campaign site;

“A thematic neo-noir card driven board game of survival and intrigue with 84 unique highly detailed photorealistic illustrations.”

Gomora 2

The game claims to be a super easy to learn and yet robust deduction game, where players take on the role of a detective, gather clues and attempt to solve a crime before they’re sent to sleep with the fishes. Again, the artwork REALLY drew me in; most games using real photography instead of artwork look cheesy, but this one looks amazing!

Check out the Gomora: Down Town Kickstarter campaign here.

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