Stay on Target – #011: Expanded X-Wing Storage


Hello Everyone! Today I am going to show you how I have changed up my X-Wing storage since I have accumulated a lot of ships, cards, dials, and tokens with the addition of all the new waves I had to catch up on. I had originally used a large Plano tackle box, but I have since moved all of my upgrade cards, ship inserts, and dials into binders to make things a bit cleaner and save space in the Plano boxes for my ships. I still keep all of my pilot cards sorted by faction in deck boxes.

So to start, I put all of my upgrade cards into binder pages I was able to buy off Amazon. I sorted them and organized them by types and put them into a zip up binder to keep any from accidentally coming out and disappearing on me. They can be picked up on Amazon here. The pages are very nice, as they fit sleeved cards and since I am very picky and meticulous with my cards, I sleeve everything and then can fit them inside the card pages so when I want something I can just pull it and go.

To store my dials and ship inserts I purchased coin collecting pages (can be found here) made for 3 ring binders. They fit the dials very well but are a bit tight – but they are the closest ones I could find. The ship inserts are a little small for them, but again I couldn’t find a good alternative so they will work (especially with the zippered binders that should hold anything that slips out of the pages).

For the binders I bought 4 zippered 3 ring binders, 1 for each faction and a 4th to hold my upgrade cards. Below are some pictures of the sheets I bought, and the binders. I forgot to take pictures of my deck boxes and Plano box, but its essentially what everyone else uses and you can find lots of articles online about those or check out my article on Armada storage since it is basically the same.

Let me know in the comments if you have found anything else that works well for storage since that seems to be a recurring problem with this game due to the vast amount of expansions FFG pumps out (not complaining by the way… I love all these space ships!)

Look for some more battle reports coming up soon since the holidays have died down!

Mini Card Pages

Mini Card Pages


Dial and Ship Insert Pages


Dial Storage


Ship Inserts

Upgrade Cards

Upgrade Cards



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