The Bridge – #001: Star Wars Armada Storage Solutions

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Welcome to the first installment of The Bridge! This will be a new article series here on Flaming Dice Reviews that covers everything Star Wars Armada has to offer. If you have anything in particular you want to know about this game, or want to read about, let me know!


1 1/2 inch Pluck Foam

With the release of Wave 2 imminent, and everyone itching to play with that gorgeous Imperial Class Star Destroyer, storage has been something I have been working on this last week. While there are already commercially available options from BattleFoam for everything in the starter pack and Wave 1 (and I’m sure soon to be Wave 2), a lot of people have just not jumped into using BattleFoam or the other options available. What I have decided to do is use a large Plano tackle box much like I have with X-Wing. The only real difference, is I am going to be using pluck foam trays from GamePlus to store my capital ships in, since they are a bit more fragile than my X-Wing ships are (especially those little antennas on that Victory Class…).


Plano 4-By

The tackle box I decided to use is the Plano 4-By Rack System ($40 – $60 dollars depending on sales) – which is essentially just a large top portion, with an opening bottom with 4 insert-able trays. I was able to get mine on sale at a local Cabela’s store. So far, I am able to easily fit all of my Armada ships and game supplies into the case with lots of room to spare. I have put all my fighter squadrons separated into groups in the bottom trays. Probably the hardest thing to store has been the bases for the capital ships – just due to their size not really fitting into the trays that well, but for now they work.

My only concern is running out of room as I get more ships – especially the larger based ones from Wave 2, but I think using the pluck foam trays will help me keep it modular enough that I will be able to adjust the layouts to accommodate the ships as I buy them. A lot of the smaller rebel ships, and the Raider will be able to be doubled up inside the foam, so that should help keep trays to a minimum.

While this setup is just about the same cost as an entry level bag and trays from BattleFoam, I really do like the sturdy feel of the tackle box – and the ability to adjust the trays around as I need to. I also feel that this setup will last me a lot longer before I have to look into something larger to hold everything. I may have to come up with a way to secure my foam trays in the top of the box, but for now they seem to travel well enough. If anything, I may just glue the bottom tray to the tackle box itself, and use some tape to secure the top one in place.

Below are quite a few pictures of how I have got everything laid out inside the tackle box. So far there is a good amount of room to spare in the trays, and the 4th one is empty. Should last me a good while!


IMG_0108   IMG_0107

IMG_0106   IMG_0104

IMG_0103   IMG_0102

One thought on “The Bridge – #001: Star Wars Armada Storage Solutions

  1. Can you please give the model number of the trays used with the tokens? The pics are good, but model numbers would be better🙂


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