Our Game Coming Soon to Kickstarter

For anyone who has followed this website for the last year, you might know that we are working on our own game to be released on Kickstarter this Spring. We have made posts for the game under the name of The Remains, but due to the name of a graphic novel series we will be changing the name. The game is a deck builder with a zombie theme for those unfamiliar, and it has elements that differentiates itself from the standard deck builders currently on the market. The game was originally due to feature altered photos as artwork, but we decided to commission original artwork. We did a call out for photo submissions and those who submitted photos have/will be converted to original artwork. We wanted to share some of that artwork with you now by showing 4 of the finished pieces. These represent items, zombies and survivors that are found in the game. Here we go…

The Prepper, one of the Survivors that players can rescue and add to their area. Survivors grant players a variety of abilities.

The Prepper, one of the Survivors that players can rescue and add to their area. Survivors grant players a variety of abilities.

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Zombies!!! Second Edition Directors Cut


image credit boardgamegeek.com

Recently, Matt gave me a gift card to our FLGS for my birthday. It was quite unexpected, so I decided I would treat myself to a game that I have wanted to try for a while now. You may not know this, but zombies are my favorite theme for games, regardless of how trendy/pop culture they are! Basically, if you paste a zombie theme on something I will at least try it. So with my newly acquired gift card I reached strait back into board game time and grabbed “Zombies!!!” by Twilight Creations Inc.
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The Remains Playtesting

The Remains Playtest 1

Trudi, one of the owners of The Jester’s Court, gives the game a whirl and rolls to kill a zombie!

Our own game that is currently in heavy playtesting, The Remains, was given 5 or 6 play throughs at The Jester’s Court, our FLGS here in Grand Junction, CO. The Remains is a zombie-themed, fully cooperative game in which players try to kill the zombies, gather other survivors to their cause, and achieve their objective for the scenario. Everybody had a great time and the game was undefeated. Much like Pandemic when one first starts playing it or Ghost Stories, it’s a hard game that requires a lot of strategy and risk taking! Here’s some pics from the Fall Tabletop Day, an event we made up because board games!!!

The Remains Playtest 2

Two games of the Remains being played at the same time. The group on the right came really close to winning!

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