The Remains Playtesting

The Remains Playtest 1

Trudi, one of the owners of The Jester’s Court, gives the game a whirl and rolls to kill a zombie!

Our own game that is currently in heavy playtesting, The Remains, was given 5 or 6 play throughs at The Jester’s Court, our FLGS here in Grand Junction, CO. The Remains is a zombie-themed, fully cooperative game in which players try to kill the zombies, gather other survivors to their cause, and achieve their objective for the scenario. Everybody had a great time and the game was undefeated. Much like Pandemic when one first starts playing it or Ghost Stories, it’s a hard game that requires a lot of strategy and risk taking! Here’s some pics from the Fall Tabletop Day, an event we made up because board games!!!

The Remains Playtest 2

Two games of the Remains being played at the same time. The group on the right came really close to winning!

The Remains Playtest 3

Sean, the other owner of The Jester’s Court, had very kind words for the game after initially having some doubts. Another zombie game? It’s anything but!

The Remains Playtest 4

Chi, Chris and Tim join me for a game, but the event ended before we could finish. It’s a good thing too, because we were getting trounced!

An early Spring 2016 Kickstarter campaign is being planned for March. More updates on the game will be posted on the website and the FDR Facebook page!

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