Kickstarter Report #3

Kickstarter Report

Another Kickstarter Report! This time we’re going to be looking at a dueling game with some of the most amazing artwork I’ve seen in a very long time, beautifully designed metal dice and a battle card game! All of these campaigns are live on Kickstarter as of the time of this post, so follow the links in this article to check them out. If you like them, be sure to lend your support and do your part to get these great looking games and accessories to store shelves everywhere!

Castle Assault

Castle Assault is a unique looking battle card game that has both a single player campaign and a regular two player mode. From the Kickstarter Campaign’s page:

Castle Assault is an intense Battle Card Game for 1 or 2 Players where You lead a strategic conquest of your Enemy’s Castle Stronghold. Castle Assault includes many different Cultures, each with their own customizable deck, tactics, and lore for great re-playability.”


The artwork for the game looks great, the different Cultures/Factions look unique and truly fleshed out, and the game is getting solid preview reviews. The single player campaign sounds great, too!


Click here to visit the Castle Assault Kickstarter Campaign Page!

FF6 Metal Dice

I love metal dice, and the FF6 Dice are both unique and beautiful! I admit that at first glance I didn’t even understand how to read the faces, but once you see it it sticks!


In the image above the green portions are the numbers, with ‘3’ carved out on top, ‘2’ on the bottom left, and ‘6’ carved into the bottom right side. The gray portions are what has been milled out to write the numbers. Another great thing about the FF6 Dice is the milling itself; each side has the same amount of material removed to ensure an even roll!


Click here to visit the FF6 Dice Kickstarter Campaign Page!

Wizards of the Wild

What can one say about Wizards of the Wild’s artwork but ‘WOW’? WotW is a magical dueling game that looks amazing both in its design and its form! From the WotW Kickstarter Campaign Page:

BECOME AN ANIMAL WIZARD! Wizards of the Wild is a game of sorcery and challenges! You roll the dice to acquire and power unique spells. Combine them together in a fast-paced, frenetic and friendly game!’


‘Animal wizards battle in the ultimate magic contest at Stonehenge. Acolytes of the Lost Masters run the games, setting up many challenges and spells. But they also solicit bribes and punish contestants. The Acolytes will crown the winning contestant as King of the Forest!

In Wizards of the Wild, you’ll use custom sorcery dice to build your powers, acquiring unique spells and overcoming difficult challenges. Scheme to find clever magical combinations, or even take the shadow path to put your opponents in a tricky bind!’

I will watch Wizards of the Wild’s campaign with great interest!


Click here to visit the Wizards of the Wild Kickstarter Campaign Page!

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