X-Wing Miniatures Scale Escort Frigate

Scale Escort Frigate by Space Rocks

Escort Frigate

Photo from space-rocks.net

WHAT!? I no longer play the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game very often, but the discovery of this scale model of my favorite ship, the Rebel Escort Frigate, is still jaw-dropping! Expand to see more photos and a link to the Space Rocks website where this massive beast is currently available for pre-order!

Escort Firgate 3

Photo from space-rocks.net

The ship can be disassembled into 4 parts for easier transport, are are put together using a twist-and-lock mechanism per the Space Rocks website. Also available from their website are wrecks of some of the large ships to be used as obstacles or objectives in custom play, as well as eye candy! The Escort Frigate also comes with suggested rules and game play guidelines.  There are also asteroids and wreckage pieces from the Star Wars: Armada game as well!

Escort Frigate 2

Photo from space-rocks.net

Click here to visit the Space Rocks website and check out these amazing models and accessories for yourself!

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