In My Crosshairs #4

In My Crosshairs

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of In My Crosshairs, where I take a look at board games and board game accessories that I am currently looking to purchase! Some of the games are old, some are new, and some may be… *sigh*… just plain hard to get.

Warmachine / Hordes


Warmachine and its fantasy counterpart, Hordes, by Privateer Press has been around for several years, but I have always avoided it simply because I knew that if I ever got sucked in, my home would become a sanctuary to the game. Paint would be strewn, my kids would lose their bedrooms so that I could have more gaming storage area, and generally my already limited time would be consumed by the awesomeness that is Warmachine/Hordes. Also, my bank account would that much sadder for my having gotten into it.

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