Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic – Available Now


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The first expansion for Mystic Vale is now available! If you’re unfamiliar with Mystic Vale and you’re a fan of deck building games then you need to check it out now! Mystic Vale is a fantastically unique game with its own card crafting system where players do not so much choose the cards for their deck, but instead create them using clear advancement cards. Sound complicated? It’s not! Check out my review of the base game and you’ll see:


If you watched the above review or are already familiar with Mystic Vale then rejoice! The first expansion, Vale of Magic, is available now!


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Vale of Magic includes 54 new advancement cards for players to craft their decks with, plus 18 new Vale cards. The base game was already highly replayable and this will only enhance that aspect of the game.


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For more information on Vale of Magic, the first expansion for Mystic Vale, head over to the AEG website by clicking here!

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