Stay on Target – #010: Battle Reports – Newbie and the Defenders!

StayOnTargetBannerAfter a long dry patch of no X-Wing games, I recently talked my buddy Jeff into getting into the game. After a short demo game, he was sold and picked up some ships and we started playing some games. Here is a quick little write up about a couple matches we played! (I did try to record the matches to make a video battle report to avoid the inevitable wall of text below – but the camera did not record the entire matches, but next time it should work!) For both games, I wasn’t sure how well Jeff’s ships would do as he was only using some of the earlier wave ships, but to both of our surprise, they didn’t do bad! Read on to see how everything unfolded!


FFG Image

Game 1 – 2 TIE Defenders and TIE Advanced Prototype vs. A-Wing, T-65 X-Wing, and YT-2400

My list was:
Colonel Vessery (35) (TIE Defender)
   Juke (2)
   Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)
   TIE/x7 (-2)
Countess Ryad (34) (TIE Defender)
   Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)
   TIE/x7 (-2)
The Inquisitor (25) (TIE Advanced Prototype)
   Push the Limit (3)
   Autothrusters (2)
   TIE/v1 (1)
Total Points: 100

Jeff’s list was:
Eaden Vrill (32) (YT-2400)
   Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Luke Skywalker (28) (T-65 X-Wing)
   BB-8 (2)
Tycho Celchu (26) (A-Wing)
   Wired (1)
   Proton Rockets (3)
Total Points: 99


Game 1 Setup

The match started out with my 2 Defenders moving along the top side of the map towards Tycho which was left alone, while the Inquisitor moved from his starting position in the center to work up behind my Defenders. The Defenders engaged the A-Wing on round 2, and were able to destroy it without taking any damage back due to probably the best dice rolls I have ever gotten. As they were fighting, the Inquisitor was still making his way up behind to help with Luke which had turned to go help his A-Wing pal. On turn 3, Luke met a similar fate, melting to the 4 dice attacks of The Countess and Colonel, with some support from the Inquisitor (again, with absolutely mind boggling dice rolls). After Luke was dispatched, the rest of the game only lasted 2 more rounds of shooting where my ships were able to get behind Eaden in the YT-2400 and made short work of him while dodging all of the shots from the HLC. The game ended with my ships taking no damage, and laying waste to the Rebel Scum, so we moved on to game 2!


FFG Image

Game 2 – 2 TIE Fighters, TIE Punisher, and TIE Advanced vs. B-Wing, T-70 X-Wing, and T-65 X-Wing

For this match I brought:
Deathrain (26) (TIE Punisher)
   Enhanced Scopes (1)
   Extra Munitions (2)
   Cluster Mines (4)
   Proximity Mines (3)
   Autothrusters (2)
Darth Vader (29) (TIE Advanced)
   Outmaneuver (3)
   Accuracy Corrector (0)
   Engine Upgrade (4)
   TIE/x1 (0)
Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) (TIE Fighter)
Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) (TIE Fighter)
Total Points: 100

Jeff brought:
Ten Numb (31) (B-Wing)
   Push the Limit (3)
   Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
   Shield Upgrade (4)
Rookie Pilot (21) (T-65 X-Wing)
   R2-D2 (4)
Blue Squadron Novice (24) (T-70 X-Wing)
   Shield Upgrade (4)
Total Points: 98


Game 2 Setup

This match started with my ships in the middle in a fairly tight formation and Vader off to the flank, while Jeff spread his ships out along his edge. As round 1 started, I slowly moved my ships up the middle to see what Jeff was going to do. He kept Ten Numb moving up the side of the map, while the X-Wings slowly moved towards my ships. As round 2 unfolded, I moved my TIE Fighters and Deathrain up the middle into the asteroid fields so I could try out cluster mines since I have not gotten a chance yet. The X-wings got a few shots off, and one of the TIE Fighters dropped without dishing out any damage. The next round found Vader moving into the mix, but he couldn’t land any shots to save his life! This was all happening while I was moving Deathrain closer to the X-Wings to drop my ordnance and hopefully reek havoc! This didn’t turn out to work as I failed horribly on round 4 with maneuvering and ended up damaging Vader with the cluster mines… BUT I did land some damage on the Blue Squadron pilot. This round also saw my 2nd escort TIE Fighter going down in flames. The next round I again made a horrible decision on movement and ran Deathrain into the Rookie Pilot costing my action and not being able to deploy ordnance or take my action – and I also hit an asteroid taking my last shield away. Jeff had a very successful round of shooting, and was able to destroy Deathrain, leaving only Vader left to fight off the Rebels. The next round was the last, and Vader went down to the focused fire of the HLC and the X-Wings.


Just before the Imperials met their demise!

All in all, these games helped prove that even with the older ships and not all the newer upgrades the game seems to maintain it’s balance pretty darn well! The first game we played also just reaffirmed that I absolutely love the TIE Defenders and plan on using them a lot more – especially with Countess Ryad and her amazing K-Turn potential. I really want to re-visit using the Punisher, but will definitely have to do a better job or positioning and not just running into the fray like I did. As a new player, Jeff also had a ton of fun and got to see how intricate the game can be – and how dice rolls can sometimes be unforgiving and take the best laid plan and leave it in a smoldering heap on the floor! He is also looking forward to building some more lists, and trying to get more bang for his buck out of his A-Wing next time!

Hope the wall of text didn’t chase you off, and you enjoyed this battle report. I hope to do more of these and start playing again regularly. Hopefully this also gives some players that are thinking of getting into the game some confidence that even without all of the ships from all the expansions, you are still able to play and actually win a game (quite decisively even) like Jeff did in game 2!

Until next time!

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