The Tale of Meka Dragon the Spike Tailed Friend of Children

King of Tokyo Box

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Today at The Jester’s Court (my FLGS), Trudi, Sergio and I played King of Tokyo as a refresher game for a Fantasy Fair Trudi has a booth at this upcoming weekend. It had been years since I last played the game and I remembered little about the rules. My frequent board game nemesis, Sergio, chose Kraken. Trudi decided on Cyber Bunny. I chose Meka Dragon, naturally, and traveled spiritually to Japan to terrorize the citizens there.

King of Tokyo 1

Setting up the game: Trudi’s Cyber Bunny prepares to join the rampage. Giga Zaur did not make the cut.

The game started and it quickly became a blood bath. Trudi took control of Tokyo and was absolutely swimming in Energy. At one point early in the game she had around 12 Energy Cubes. The 3 of us switched places inside of the city often during those early rounds.

King of Tokyo 2

Kraken, under Sergio’s direction, smashes through the city!

During the earlier rounds Trudi and Sergio both took a lot of damage. At one point during Cyber Bunny’s reign of terror Trudi took 4 damage. Adding this to the damage she had already taken, Cyber Bunny only had 1 HP remaining. Sergio took a good deal of damage as well but had healed a little.

During my final reign of Tokyo Meka Dragon used his mighty Spiked Tail to attack his opponents. This final attack killed Cyber Bunny, eliminating Trudi from the game, and nearly mortally wounded Sergio’s Kraken.

King of Tokyo 3

During Sergio’s final round that lucky sea monster, using both rerolls of the dice, got 6 Attack symbols. My Meka Dragon was still at an impressive 9 life before the attack, but ended the turn with 3 to Sergio’s 2… nearly ended the turn with 3 life, anyway.

Sergio’s final monstrous act was to use his card, High Altitude Bombing, to deal 3 damage to all monsters, including his own. Meka Dragon perished in the attack, locked in nearly victorious mortal combat with Kraken. Cyber Bunny’s metallic corpse lay nearby as we fell.

Though no one was able to ultimately conquer Tokyo we were still pleased that the puny humans were forced to bomb and destroy their own city to stop us. The fierce battle between Cyber Bunny the Squishy, Kraken the Lucky, and Meka Dragon the Spike Tailed Friend of Children will forever be remembered in the halls of The Jester’s Court!

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