Ranged Weapons in our Upcoming Game


One of the players’ starter hand cards; Ammunition. More ammo means more shots!

We released the first pictures of our upcoming deck-building game, previously going by the name ‘The Remains’. We hope you enjoy this update featuring some of the ranged weapons in the game. Ranged attacks are safer than melee, but they can vary in strength. Here’s two of the ranged weapons in the game:

assault rifle

The Assault Rifle allows a player to choose multiple targets during a single attack. The possibility of reward is higher (including acquiring multiple new weapons and items for one’s deck) but it’s also possible to bite off more than you can chew. Some would say running out in the middle of the Horde in a blaze of glory isn’t the smartest idea… but it sure is fun!


The pistol is a starter weapon, which along with Ammunition cards, make up the players’ starting hands. The pistol has just enough juice to get a player by until they can find some better weaponry!

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