Change to FDR Video Reviews

From this point forward video reviews by FDR will no longer feature a “Final Score” in the form of a number on a scale from 1-100. I thought that even though no one else did it that maybe I could make it work. However, after using it for quite some time I find that I am not satisfied with it. Instead, I will show the game, go over gameplay basics and key mechanics, and then give my Final Thoughts as usual. During the Final Thoughts portion of the video I will recap the game, tell you what I liked and didn’t like, point out some things that certain demographics of gamers might like or dislike, and then leave it up to the viewer to make up his/her mind about the game. The website will be undergoing a few minor changes to reflect this over the coming week.

The video review of Urbis by GAGA Games will be uploaded very shortly to the Youtube channel and the website, but we have experienced some technical difficulties due to a winter storm. Thanks guys!

Matt S.

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