Trove: The Crystal Caverns

Recently I have become obsessed with Android: Netrunner due to its asymmetrical game play. After Matt introduced me to it I thought it was amazingly refreshing to play a game with someone but have completely different tools and paths to victory. Immediately I began to wonder why more games don’t take this asymmetrical approach? Enter Trove: The Crystal Caverns!

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Trove: The Crystal Caverns (Trove) is an entirely asymmetrical cave-crawl adventure where each player takes on a different role, but not just in the typical dungeon crawl RPG roles we are used to.

In Trove players assume one of four roles, “the daring Knight”, “the chaotic Goblin Horde”, “the greedy Dragon”, and even “the Cave itself”. Each of the player roles has its unique powers, pieces, and victory conditions. According to the game info given on the games Kickstarter page, the Goblins must kill the Knight, the Knight must kill the Dragon, the Dragon must wake up and escape the Cave, and the Cave must expand and collapse on the other players.

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Trove is still a Kickstarter Campaign but has shown wild success reaching over $118,000 toward its $18,000 goal with 2,336 backers. At the time of this article there are only 28 hours to go on the campaign and they have reached all but one of their stretch goals.

In my opinion, this game is going to be an instant classic based on this games asymmetrical design, its playful art style, and its insanely successful Kickstarter Campaign.

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For more information about Trove: The Crystal Caverns visit their website by clicking here!

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