Upcoming Expansions to Great Games

Upcoming Expansions

Some very popular games that are much loved by board gamers have expansions coming out soon! Some add more of the ‘same’ that made the original great, and others add new mechanics to enhance game play! Click for more information about these expansions and links to their pages!

Cash N’ Guns: Cash N’ More Guns

Cash N More Guns

Photo from boardgamegeek.com

If you thought that Cash N’ Guns was exciting with 8 players, then lock and load and strap in for more flying bullets and get ready to duck for cover when the player count is increased to 12! This expansion also adds 4 more guns and one time use Surprise cards. For more information visit the Repos Production website here.


Dixit: Memories

Dixit Memories

         Photo from boardgamegeek.com

Reports on the internet vary, with reports that the newest expansion for Dixit includes anywhere from 84 to 110 new cards to this fantastic classic. Since I own a couple of Dixit expansions I would put my money on ’84’. The newer Dixit cards feature highly vibrant artwork, even more so than the base game, and I’m sure that this expansion will be no different. In games of Dixit players who play it together regularly can remember obscure hints that allow each other to identify cards, and the expansions mix things up. I’m really excited for this expansion!


Colt Express: Horses and Stagecoach

Colt Express Horses & Stagecoach

Photo from boardgamegeek.com

The first expansion for the 2015 Spiel des Jahres winner Colt Express adds two more modes of transportation to the titular train; horses and a stagecoach (surprise!). The stagecoach moves alongside the train and adds several new mechanics to the game. Bandits can now move between the train and the coach via horses, and once to the latter players can access new strongboxes and take hostages.

Horses and Stagecoach

Photo from ludonaute.fr

The hostages add a ransom bonus at the end of the game but slow the bandit down in one way or another. Another new mechanic is whiskey; this strong drink allows players to enhance their hand of cards and/or play extra cards on their turn. I love Colt Express and am very much looking forward to this expansion! Click here to visit the Ludonaute website and read more about it!

Camel Up: Supercup

Camel Up Supercup

Photo from boardgamegeek.com

Camel Up was a surprise hit for me. It didn’t sound very fun and I didn’t think that the camel stacking mechanic would be impressive. I was very wrong on both counts; Camel Up is a great betting game to play with kids and adults alike! The game adds 2 more players bringing the total up to 10 as well as some new features!


Photo from pegasus.de

Now players will be able to profit from predicting the photographer’s location and the stacking of camels, as well as being able to bet on the positions of the camels. For more information about Supercup visit the Pegasus website here!

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