Mystic Vale Review

Mystic Vale is a card crafting game from AEG and designer John D. Clair. In Mystic Vale players acquire clear advancement cards to increase their cards’ power rather than buy new cards like in a traditional deck builder. The game is innovative, beautiful, and chock full of replay ability.

4 thoughts on “Mystic Vale Review

  1. Great review and overview, I’ve been interested in this one since the words card-crafting surfaced. I have heard the card thickness can become an issue later in the game – what were your thoughts on that? -Brendon

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    • The only thing about the card thickness is a temptation to cheat when shuffling. When you shuffle your discard pile to form a deck, even if you don’t look you can tell by the thickness when a loaded card is on top. When the cards start getting thick I just shuffle more with my palms and less with my thumbs to prevent the feeling and keep myself honest, then I do a blind cut at the end of the shuffle. That is honestly the only issue with the thickness that I’ve noticed. The cards and advancements have plenty of room in the sleeve so it doesn’t cause any other problems that I’ve noticed.

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