2016 Spiel des Jahres Winners

The winners of all three categories have been announced! Last year I made two predictions, for the Kennerspiel and the Spiel, and I was wrong on both. This year I made predictions for all 3 categories. How did I do? Only slightly better as it turns out!

Kinderspiel des Jahres Winner

Stone Age Junior

Photo from spiel-des-jahres.com

Stone Age Junior a.k.a. My First Stone Age is the winner. It’s a great introduction to Stone Age that even a table full of adults enjoyed. I had predicted MMM! to win. Wrong – 0 for 1.

Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner

Isle of Skye

Photo from spiel-des-jahres.com

Isle of Skye won what is in my opinion the greatest of the 3 awards, the Kennerspiel. When I made my predictions I had yet to play Isle of Skye. If I had I would have been much more likely to choose it because it is a fantastic game! However, at the time I hadn’t and I chose T.I.M.E. Stories instead. 0 for 2.

Spiel des Jahres Winner


Photo from spiel-des-jahres.com

Codenames won the Spiel des Jahres as I think many people predicted, including me! 1 for 3! To see the original post with the predictions click here.


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