Mysterium: Hidden Signs

Mysterium Expansion

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The first expansion for the fantastic 2015 game, Mysterium, became available just a few days ago. It’s called Hidden Signs and it looks just as visually impressive as the base game. The expansion features 78 new cards divided amongst vision, character, location, and object cards.

Mysterium Hidden Signs

While there might be a language barrier, this image does show off the new content nicely. Photo from

If you’re unfamiliar with Mysterium it might best be described as Dixit on steroids. It’s a cooperative game where clues are laid out in front of the majority of the players. The single ghost player attempts to communicate the correct clue in each category (characters, locations, and objects) to each investigator. To accomplish this the ghost uses vision cards (again, think Dixit cards) to help the other players solve a murder. Here’s the review I did of Mysterium last year:

Hidden Signs is available at your FLGS now!



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