New Salem

New Salem by Overworld Games

New Salem

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New Salem is a new hidden role game by Overworld Games that I am very interesting in trying! Somehow it has slipped in under my radar and is already available to purchase so I’ve done a little research on it. New Salem has some of my favorite features/mechanics when I am looking for a game to purchase!

  • Hidden Roles – CHECK
  • Drafting – CHECK
  • Subtle Nefarious Actions – CHECK
  • Amazing Artwork – DOUBLE CHECK!!!

New Salem 2

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The description from the Overworld Games website:

“You and several of your fellow 17th century citizens have decided to flee Salem, Massachusetts in the midst of the famous Salem Witch Trials to create an opportunity to start anew. You are all committed to eliminating any witch presence in your new town, but you also have your own selfish priorities for how development should be directed. Work to build the new town you envision while keeping New Salem free of the Despair wrought by witches.”

The description of BoardGameGeek:

“New Salem is a hidden identity, drafting, deduction, and set-collection game where players are 17th Century founders of New Salem where they hope to escape the pestilence-filled streets of Salem during the infamous witch trials. Righteous players need to keep the witches at bay and construct specific types of buildings while witches add pestilence to the new town without detection. If righteous players can keep pestilence at a minimum, the one who scored the most victory points will win, but if there is too much pestilence, the witch who was the most evil will win.”

New Salem 3

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That looks and sounds right up my alley, I will definitely be trying New Salem soon!

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