Game Night Report #6

Game Night Report

My busy schedule has prevented me from taking part in many of my normal Game Nights, but as always I have managed to sneak in a game now and then. My coworkers humor me and play board games when time allows in the small hours of the morning, but even that time has become scarce. These are just a few of the games I have managed to sneak in during the last few weeks!

At Work

Machi Koro


With the game recent nomination for the 2015 Spiel des Jahres award I wanted to revisit Machi Koro. My first impression of the game was that it was entirely too much luck, but I think the problem possibly was more in my own head than in the game. I never reviewed it because I had only played it the one time, and I do not review a game unless I have played it at the VERY least three times. I purchased a copy shortly after the nomination, thinking that I was possibly correct in assuming that the problem was myself more than the game; I was correct.

My coworkers, Sarah, Madeline and Dany, have all played the game with me, Sarah multiple times. While I have been victorious every time, the victories have been close and due only to my experience with such ‘luck mitigation’ games. My coworkers (minus Shon) have no experience with modern board games, but they learn fast and I have found that they get far angrier if they think I take it easy on them than if they lose fair and square. I have grown to enjoy Machi Koro a lot, so much so that it will be my next review.

Outcome – I have been victorious (but only by the skin of my teeth)

Hive Pocket

Hive Pocket

A favorite for Sarah and I to play, I have enjoyed playing Hive at work. It doesn’t take much room and is fast and thought-provoking. Sarah, a fiercely competitive game player who is also highly intelligent and strategic, took to the game quickly and has, I think, surpassed me in skill at the game. While I am of a good defensive mind in the game, she is relentlessly aggressive and I have come to have a hard time keeping pace with her.

The Pocket Edition of Hive is more portable, less expensive and includes more than the original, full-sized edition of Hive. The Mosquito and Ladybug expansions are included in the Hive Pocket Edition. The tiles do not have the same size and heft as the original, but that does lend to its portability.

Outcome – My last game was a loss. Sarah is like a raptor; clever girl…

Mr. Jack Pocket

Mr Jack Pocket

I have played Mr. Jack many times, both as the investigator team of Sherlock/Watson/Toby and as Jack the Ripper, and I enjoy the cat and mouse aspect of the game. Unlike the Hive Pocket/Regular Editions where there are only size/aesthetic difference, the Pocket Edition of Mr. Jack plays differently than the Regular and uses tiles as a playing area instead of a board. Sarah is my only coworker with whom I have played Mr. Jack Pocket, and we have only played twice.

The first time I was Jack and the second time I was the Investigators. During both games Mr. Jack won.

Outcome – My Mr. Jack Pocket record at work is 50/50.

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