Game Night Report #5

Game Night Report

I’ve had another great couple of weeks of gaming, and here are some of the highlights!

Sergio’s House

My friend, Sergio, is another avid gamer and recently purchased Descent 2.0. We play a lot of different games, but our Descent campaign has been a blast.

Descent, 2nd Edition


Twice in the past few weeks Sergio, myself and our other gaming friends have gathered at his house to tackle the campaign. We have yet to be able to gather more than 3 of us at a time (due to time constraints and odd hours) but there are a total of 4 characters being played; they can be split up should we get more than 2. In the meantime each player other than The Overlord (Sergio) simply controls 2 characters each.

Grisban the Thirsty, Jain Fairwood, Leoric of the Book, and Avric Albright are the heroes in the current campaign.

During the last gaming session my good friend, Shon, who is also a coworker of mine, joined us for the first time. We only had time to do the second half of the first mission, but we won handily. At the end of the mission we went back to town and purchased some great new gear for the next mission as well!

Outcome – We rocked “A Fat Goblin” mission!

Dead of Winter


On a different night at Sergio’s house I got to try Dead of Winter for the very first time. Sergio, Shon, Dan and myself decided to try a fully COOP version that is included in the game for our first spin.

I had been extremely excited to play the much-anticipated game for a very long time and I had just purchased it from The Jester’s Court earlier that day. I watched the tutorial videos, read the instructions and re-watched the Tabletop episode just to get pumped!

Even though we knew for certain that there was no traitor we struggled through the “Too Many Mouths” mission. Finding food was a constant struggle, and a zombie outbreak in The Colony caused multiple deaths and morale drops. That first game was a study in Murphy’s Law.

Outcome – We lost. Badly. We lost in multiple ways all at once on the last turn. We did not survive the zombie apocalypse.

My Work

Age of War

Age of War

At my job I am a member of the “nerds” as we are lovingly called by the non-nerds. I am extremely lucky to work with some of the greatest people I have ever had the privilege of calling coworkers, and my title is the furthest thing from an insult to them. Most of my coworkers call modern board games “Nerd Games”. Again, it is a term of endearment.

One of my good friends at work, Sarah, had finally acted slightly interested in a “nerd game” I brought in; Age of War. It was 3:30 in the morning with nothing going on so I convinced her to pull a chair up to a table and play a game of AoW with me. She loved it…

It was a great moment for me, showing someone whose idea of a board game was Monopoly or Scrabble just how awesome modern board games can be. We also played Arboretum. She made me promise to bring them back the next time wee worked together.

Outcome – Mission Accomplished: Spreading the “nerdness!”

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