The 2nd Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers Is Available

Imperial Settlers 3 Is A Magic Number Box

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Imperial Settlers is one of my very favorite games of all time, and it features my absolute favorite artwork of any game ever. I was super pleased with the first Empire Pack to be released for the game, ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’. The first Empire Pack added the Open Production feature, while ‘3 Is A Magic Number’ will add set collecting. From Portal Games:

“Imperial Settlers: 3 Is a Magic Number, the second Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers, introduces a new rule: SET. This new ability allows players to score and trigger new effects each time they build three cards in a particular color. With this rule, the drafting phase and the choice of the “right” card to draft becomes even more interesting. This expansion includes new cards for the common deck as well as new cards for each of the five factions and two cards for use in the solitaire game.

13 Common cards
50 Faction Cards
4 Solitaire Cards
1 rulebook”

I can’t wait to add this Empire Pack to my copy of Imperial Settlers and give it a whirl!

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