Legendary Encounters: Firefly

Legendary Firefly

Photo from gogts.net/

There’s a new upcoming  game from Upper Deck Entertainment utilizing the wildly popular Legendary system, and it’s a Firefly game! There’s been a lot of not-so-great Firefly games being pumped out lately, but this one might be an exception based on the system it uses. In the vein of its predecessors, this one will be a deck builder! From the GTS website:

“Legendary Encounters: A “Firefly” Deck Building Game from Upper Deck Entertainment features a Core Set with over 500 playable cards featuring ALL original art! Play as the crew of the Serenity against some of Firefly’s greatest protagonists (I think they meant antagonists), including Patience, Niska, Saphron (Saffron) and the evil Alliance.”

Click here to jump over to the GTS Distribution website to read more!

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