Spyfall 2 – Available Now


Photo from miniaturemarket.com

When Spyfall was released it was one of the biggest party games to come along in years, and probably ranks in the top 3 bluffing party games of all time. Now Spyfall 2 is here and it is definitely something to be excited about. This second game in the Spyfall series can be combined with the original game or played by itself. New features include the possibility of 2 spies per game and the ability to play with up to 12 players now (versus 8 in Spyfall).


Photo from cryptozoic.com

New locations (taken from the Cryptozoic website and the photo above) include Jazz Club, Harbor Docks, Race Track, Retirement Home, Wedding, Candy Factory, Library, Vineyard, Jail, Coal Mine, and Gas Station. I feel like some of the above choices for locations were well planned, and I can already see how they will mesh with the locations from the original. Harbor Docks could confuse the spy at the Submarine, the Wedding and the Night Club, etc.

Click here to visit the Cryptozoic Entertainment website for more information about Spyfall 2 .

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