Via Nebula

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Via Nebula is an upcoming game by Space Cowboys and Asmodee. The game looks whimsical and the artwork is breathtaking. Via Nebula is a game of exploration and transportation, where players must venture forth and bring back resources in order to rebuild their society. From the Asmodee website:

“The Nebula valley is emerging from a sinister era of monstrous creatures and darkness. A thick fog lingers, covering much of the landscape, concealing treasures and opportunities untold. You are a brave adventurer, and it is your job to return Nebula to its former greatness. Travel forests and meadows, unveil new resources, and build up society so the people of Nebula can live in peace and prosperity once again.”

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“Via Nebula is a strategic board game in which two to four players compete to rebuild Nebula as it recovers from a dark and fearsome age. Venture out into the fog in search of resources so that you may build up the commerce, government, and faith of a disheartened people. Develop what they need before your opponents and you will be rewarded with glory, prestige, and riches. Whoever has most successfully restored the towns and buildings of the region at the end of the game wins!”

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Click here to jump over to the Asmodee website and read more about this upcoming game!

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